Honest Pay For An Honest Day’s Work

Most employees simply want fair treatment from their employers: to be paid according to the law and the agreement between employee and employer. Too often, employers do not hold up their end of the bargain. In an effort to increase profits wherever possible, many employers cut corners. Other employers are ignorant of their obligations under the law. Both Illinois and federal laws prohibit your employer from lining its pockets at your expense.

Suing your employer is never easy. You rely upon your employer for your livelihood, and commit many waking hours to the success of your employer’s business. Particularly when economic times are hard, standing up for yourself can be difficult. There are personal and professional risks. For this reason, resolving disputes short of filing a lawsuit with the assistance of a Chicago overtime lawyer is preferable, but sometimes the only way to get an employer to listen is through the courts. If you do file suit for minimum wage or overtime violations, the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) protects you from employer retaliation. Other state and federal laws provide additional protections for whistleblowers and employees seeking payment of fair wages.

Many times employees are not aware of all of their rights. Some employees believe that because they are paid a salary, they are not entitled to overtime. Other employees regularly perform work without pay before or after a shift, not realizing that these are hours for which they are entitled to compensation. Employer tip pooling and credits for tips can run afoul of minimum wage laws. Because employers make these and other improper practices part of company policy, employees frequently do not realize their rights have been violated.

The Chicago Overtime Law Center is a team of attorneys committed to ensuring honest treatment of workers in Illinois and around the country. Our Chicago overtime lawyers represent employees in a wide variety of claims, including:

If you believe your employer is cutting corners regarding these or any other wage-related matters, you should consult with our team of attorneys. We will advise you of your rights and options, and if we take your case we will handle all phases of litigation, through trial and any appeal.

A Team Of Experienced, Aggressive Attorneys

The Chicago Overtime Law Center has the resources and experience necessary to ensure your rights are protected before, during, and after trial. We have an intimate knowledge of Illinois courts, having represented many clients in civil jury trials and successfully resolving many cases with a value in excess of $1 million. Our Chicago overtime attorneys have also handled numerous class actions in both state and federal courts. In most cases, we do not get paid unless our clients are successful, and we will leave no stone unturned in pursuing redress for our clients. We are dedicated to the protection of the rights of workers and to ensuring that you receive honest pay for an honest day’s work.